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 Foto: Gerd Engelsmann/Berliner Zeitung

Foto: Gerd Engelsmann/Berliner Zeitung

Panel discussions

Vaccinations, climate change, or electric cars – discussions of scientific, medical and technical topics attract people’s curiosity and attention. Ideally, these discussions will be both informative and understandable, well structured and easy to grasp, entertaining and inspiring. As your moderator, I keep all these demands in mind. I feel comfortable with the various cultures in science and their experts, and I know what the public wants.

Complete packages

Are you looking for support for the entire conception and realization of a public presentation or panel discussion? I will love to help – from the conception of the contents, through getting the right experts, to leading the discussion and documenting the results. By working with companies specialized in organizing public events, I can offer a complete package.