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 Foto: Wellphoto/Fotolia

Foto: Wellphoto/Fotolia

Texts for science

Even highly complex topics can be communicated in an understandable, memorable and stimulating way – without exaggeration or PR language. I am happy to prove this. My repertoire ranges from scientific statements in political consulting to commemorative publications in book form, from themed booklets to complete research-related magazines. It’s always about hitting the right note, emphasising the essentials and transforming reading load into reading pleasure. And we do this in a variety of subject areas and in German and English.

Reports & applications

Many reports and proposals read extremely dryly. The context disappears behind a plethora of details, the different pens do not combine to form a style, the overview and focus are lost. This is my hour: I edit your texts, write summaries, work out key messages. Together with my network of outstanding scientists, I can contribute to content and structure, identify what is missing and emphasise strengths – in German and English.

Media training for scientists

Do you want to publicise a new topic or need to take a stand on difficult issues? Then I can be at your side. I will train you in dealing with journalists, familiarise you with the rules of the media world and show you how to present yourself and your work in the best possible way. To this end, I work with renowned science journalists from different media genres. We offer both individual and group training in German and English.